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Down Comforters

Down Alternative Comforters

Home Decorating: Why A Down Alternative Comforter is A Good Choice

When decorating our homes we want to be surrounded in all of the comfort and luxury we can afford. We especially want that comfort and quality to extend to our bedrooms where we spend a good portion of our down time. Creating an inviting environment that is restful in which to read, watch television or listen to music or to sleep is essential to our sense of happiness. As the focal point of your room you especially want your bed and bedding to provide both comfort and visual appeal. That is why choosing the right down alternative comforter for your bed is so important.

Adding Warmth and Charm to Your Bedroom décor

Choosing the right comforter for your bed adds warmth and charm to the bedroom's décor. A down alternative comforter can give you the beauty and warmth you want at a price you can afford. This type of bedding eliminates the worry of allergies while giving you the look and feel of real down.

These comforters come in an entire range of colors to fit any décor. If you want to give your room an air of quiet sophistication then choosing a white comforter can be an ideal choice. Add some neutral color throw pillows and you have an elegant ensemble that draws the eyes and makes you want to lounge in the comfort and style you deserve.

Durable and Easy to Clean

Most down alternative comforters are filled with either wool or microfibers both of these materials make this bedding more durable than their down filled counterparts. With proper care this bedding could last you for years.

This bedding is also exceptionally easy to clean. Especially some of the microfiber fillings make throwing this bedding into the washer and dryer a snap and they will come out as fluffy and in the same shape that they went in. Not so with a down comforter, that if washed rather then dry cleaned tends to clump and loose feathers.

Great Quality For Those on a Budget

Too often personal budget restrictions often means that you have to settle for a less than great looking and quality article. Not in this case. This bedding is both great looking and of high quality for an affordable price. Where down filled bedding is out of many people's price range, this bedding is reasonably priced while offering the same great look and quality as down with a few added benefits thrown in.

Excellent Reviews

Reviews of the down alternative comforter are excellent. Most actual customers find this choice of bedding to be of extremely high quality, durable, warm and have a very nice feel. All of which is important. They also find it somewhat more stain resistant and easier to keep clean as well as liking the hypoallergenic properties this bedding has.

There is simply no other item that you can buy that will give your bedroom the look and comfort you deserve at a price you can afford.

Down Alternative Comforter

For those of you who live in an area where the winters are cold, there is nothing like the thought of curling up in bed and falling asleep under a nice warm down comforter. Unless you suffer from allergies to down. Then the mere thought of going to bed at night makes your eyes start to water, your nose itch and you can just feel that sneeze coming on. You could just continue to suffer or you could go out and find a down alternative comforter that will keep you warm and let you get a good nights sleep without the itching or sneezing that down causes you.

What is a Down Alternative Comforter?

A down alternative comforter is just what it sounds like. A comforter filled with material other than goose or duck feathers. There are a variety of materials used in these comforters which won't set off your allergies but, will still give you the comfort and warmth you want on those cold nights. Some of the materials used are wool, silk and nylon microfiber.


Wool filling comes from three sources: llama, alpaca and sheep. All of these materials are sustainable and when used as a filling will add warmth and comfort to your bedding. It is easy to keep clean as you can wash it instead of dry cleaning it and it is durable and long lasting when cared for properly.


Silk too is a natural choice for bedding and will provide you with soft comfortable bedding that will keep you warm, though not quite as warm as down. This type of filling can also be a bit on the expensive side.


Nylon and other microfibers are probably the most common type of material used in a down alternative comforter. They are produced using a number of synthetic materials and while some are neither as warm or as fluffy as down, others give almost the same exact feel as down and are incredibly warm. These microfibers are also easy to care for as they can be washed and dried right in your machine and are usually far less expensive than down as well. These materials are also extremely hypoallergenic.

Variety of Colors

Bedding using materials other than down comes in a variety of colors. You can buy any color you choose, from white to black, to golds, purples and other colors. You can have bold vibrant colors or light pastels. They are made to fit any size bed and will go with the décor of any room.

Name Brands

This bedding is available from big names such as Martha Stewart, Lara Ashley and Calvin Klein, just to name a few. These names help to assure you are getting a good quality product that is made to last.

A down alternative comforter is attractive and made from high quality materials offering you the warmth you need without the allergic reaction that down can cause. They come in a wide variety of colors and are made to fit every size bed. Choosing a down alternative comforter can provide you with a comfortable and restful nights sleep.

Choosing the Right Down Comforter

To sleep, perchance to dream.  There's nothing like accomplishing this on a soft bed and breathing in the smell of freshly laundered bedding, and snuggling under a fluffy down comforter.  A warm soft down comforter, is the ultimate sleeping partner - it gives you the warmth to ward off the chill during winter, or an ultra light comforter during summers to prevent you from dripping sweat.

Down Comforters

You don't have to be rich to have bedding fit for royalty.  Down pillows and soft and warm down comforters not only add a luxurious touch to your bedroom and enhance the looks of your private sanctum, these also give you the comfort you crave for a fitful sleep.  But how do you choose your comforter when basically they all look the same?  Forget the looks, look for clues such as the quality of the feather and thread count.

Generally, there are several choices when choosing the right down comforter.  There are down comforters designed for the four seasons and the different climates.  Living in cold climes or tropical areas dictates that you get a down comforter to suit the climate and temperatures.  Why use a down comforter?  With just one thick down comforter you get the warmth that would be generated by 14 layers of wool blankets.

A comforter's price jacks up when the stuff inside is made from the down.  Down are not feathers, they are fine feather-like stuff under the regular feathers.  Down comforters are stuffed with goose down feathers and these are no ordinary feathers.  These feathers are found on the bellies of geese.  When geese alight on water, these feathers keep them warm.  These natural insulators make perfect stuffing for comforters because these are soft, airy, and have the ability to breathe through natural fabrics.

Geese that originate from colder climates have more down feathers and the larger the geese, the more down feathers can be harvested.  The quality of the feather is also affected by the size of the bird and its geographical origin. To get a picture of how much of this stuff goes into the comforter, it would take a number of geese to provide white down feathers because there are only five ounces of down in every pound of goose feathers.  Knowing this information helps you understand the economics behind down comforters.          

Choosing Your Comforter

Quality down comforters is determined by the types of down, thread count, and power fill.  Goose down is pricier than duck down simply because goose down is far superior to duck down.  When choosing your pillows and comforter check the label for 100% white down.  This assures you that that there are no hard fillers such as feather with uncomfortable quills.    

When it comes to thread count look for high thread count; you wouldn't want the down streaming out of your comforter or pillows and also check the weave.  The tighter the better because the down stays where it should be - inside the pillows and comforters. 

Fill power indicates the size of down.  The bigger the pieces, the fluffier and warmer your pillows and comforters will be.  If you live in warmer areas, choose a comforter suited for the temperature.  The sales person can help you choose a comforter that's right for summer, autumn, winter, or for tropical weather.   

What You Need to Know When Shopping for a Down Comforter

Your bedroom is done and you want to give it a luxurious look - a down comforter is what you will need.  Looks may be the order of the hour, but there's more to looks when shopping for your comforter.

Price Matters

You must have seen those lovely comforters advertised in glossies and TV but when you finally made up your mind to get one, you are shocked that these are pricey bedding items.  You chance on cheaper, yes way cheaper comforters, but are these worth the trouble?  If you want a picture-pretty bedroom and you are not planning to seek the warm comfort of the comforter, the cheaper ones will do but think again.  You need a comforter to ward off the chill of wintry nights instead of turning up the heater and increase your electric bills.

An expensive comforter gives the warmth equivalent to layers and layers of wool blankets.  If you know how to choose your comforter, your investment will go a long way.  On top of this, a quality comforter is soft and does not contain feathers with hard plumes because it only contains goose down, a superior down compared to duck down.  Down is not a feather, it is fluffier and lighter feather-like stuff without the quill.        

Pillows and comforters stuffed with white down are the best albeit pricier.  Other choices are duck down and a combination of down and feathers.  The label should indicate if the comforter or pillows have 100% white down or if the fill power is at least pegged at 650 or a minimum down cluster of 85%. If the label indicates a high number of fill power, you can bet that the down used is larger; it has more fluff and it is warmer.  A too low fill power won't give you that fluffy look you covet for luxurious-looking bedding.

The better comforters have a tighter weave and the thread count is higher.  These secure the down which manage to get out of comforters and pillows.  Eventually, you'll end up with a useless comforter.  If you are planning to get a comforter, make your investment worth the trouble.  Check out if you have goose or duck down and take no chances with the power fill.  Lastly check the label for the thread count.      

Down comforters should be chosen also for the amount of heat they can generate.  If your bedroom temperature is 75° during warm weather, you need a tropical or ultra-light comforter.  For bedroom temperatures at 55° and below, comforters power filled for deep winter and winter are smart choices.   For summer and autumn, you can find comforters ideal for bedroom temperatures at 65° to 75°.

What Type of Sleeper are You?

Not everyone has the same body temperature.  During sleep, some people do not get too cold or too hot while others have to turn up or turn down the heater to be able to sleep comfortably. If you want to stay cool, you can ask for a lighter comforter; likewise, request for more power fill if you want more warmth from your comforter.  Knowing all these facts can help you choose the right down comforter.  


Down Alternative Comforter

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